Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Totally Awesome Dude!

Some color models for Reelworks. The images are a little warped but oh well.

Accepted x 3!!

I've been accepted by CalArts and USC! Woo hoo!

CalArts sent me a package on Monday. It said 'congratulations' on the outside. I couldn't believe it! I was so excited I jumped up and down and kept on saying "Oh my God! No Way!" in front of my mailbox. The neighbors probably thought I was nuts!

At any rate. It was such a great moment. I've been wanting to get into CalArts for so long the school itself has become an icon of success. To be accepted by CalArts says that one of the nation's top animation schools believes I have what it takes to be a successful animator. It makes me more confident about my decision to pursue a passion. Up until now I still lacked reassurance--something that proves to myself that I have the talent and determination and that pursuing animation is not some naive and selfish dream.

The family got together and had a mini-celebration together. My cousin and I got a bottle of champagne and a cheesecake. After wine and dine we sat around and talked about which school to go to (Ringling or CalArts). Aside from the package I also got some letters from CalArts, USC, and SCAD. I was so excited I haven't really bothered to open the other letters (I figured they probably needed some documents for financial aid). My dad joked that I should open the letter from USC, that they probably accepted me too. "CONGRATULATIONS," it said! What a surprise! I wasn't even expecting a response from USC this early. That had to be the highlight of the evening.
So now I have gotten into all three programs I applied for (computer animation at Ringling, character animation at CalArts, and masters of animation at USC). The tough part is choosing where to go. My top two choices are CalArts and Ringling. I need to visit Ringling and do more research before reaching a final decision. The question now is what's the next stage? What must I do in the next few month to papare for school so I measure up to my talented classmates?
Life is a bliss.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Front of the envelope:
Back of the envelope:

Accepted by Ringling, yay! Party time. Well maybe not; it makes me more impatient to hear back from CalArts and USC. I need to reply by March 23 or ask an extension until May 1st.

Everything they've send me so far has been so well designed. There's also a mini sketch book included in this acceptance package that has student work printed on the inside cover and the word 'create' on the front.

Like so:
Here's Ringling's information catalogue:
Although these things don't say anything about Ringling's character animation program, they do leave a very nice impression.

Illustration Friday: Hide/Moleskine Pages

Hide! The creep, are coming to get you!

Latest in the sketchbook. Watercolor and Sennelier oil pastels. I overworked the paper a bit so there's some damage on both pages. The pastel page is smudging a lot 'cause the sketchbook has been traveling with me. The colors are also a little off because of the scanner.