Friday, December 15, 2006


My family loves to travel. Granted we spend countless hours planning every detail of a vacation (which is more like my parents' style of traveling), the actual decision to go on vacation is usually made unexpectedly. NWA is currently offering some nice travel packages. After my dad saw the ad in the Sunday paper, we are contemplating whether we should go to Hawaii for 6 days in early Jan. Man, that'd be great!

So here's a sketch from my caffeine high. I suppose the arm cast and swollen hand are demonstrations of how Ariel's blog has left me traumatized.

Random fact: A psychic once told me that "Hawaii is your special place. You will go there once with your family and again with your loved one."


Ben said...

You're going to Hawaii??? I thought your mom said you guys would stay home this winter....guess not, LOL. Anyway, I believe the Hawaiian sun is too should ask your parents to persuade mine to go as well, LOL. I doubt it will work, considering we will just be back from Las Vegas, but the effort must be made right?

Anonymous said...

Hey thanx for the promo Yezi :)

Hope you decide on your trip plans soon!

My gf and I are making plans too for next summer.. Probably Turkey.