Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Genesis of Color Models

Disclaimer: All images designed by Mike Owens and probably properties of Mike Owens and Reelworks Animations.

The Creation
N the beginning Mike Owens created the design and line art components.
2. The drawing was without color and void; and Yezi Xue was assigned preproduction/animation assistant. And Mike's direction was hovering over the design of the color models.
3. Then Mike said, "Let there be light and value"; and Yezi made a monochromatic model with light and value.

4. And Mike saw the light and value, that it was good; and Mike said to move on to color keeping the same values.
5. Yezi was confused. So She made a gray palette as reference.

6. And the producer Audrey brought forth art of desired color scheme; and a color palette was made so.

7. Then Yezi thought, "I am further confused; I must make a modified palette as reference"; and it was so.

8. Then Yezi followed her modified palette. And the resulting color model was not good. So she decided to post other color models instead.

9. Then Mike said, "Let us make the background more simple by using less outlines; let the character have dominion over the arches."
10. So Mike created color models in Flash Professional 8; with simpler background and less outlines. And the Client liked them.11. And Mike said to Yezi, "I shall teach you the basics of Flash Professional 8; to you it shall be easy."
12. So Yezi learned the basics of Flash Professional 8 and built the remaining background following Mike's direction.
13.Then Mike saw everything that they had made, and indeed it was very good. So they move on to production phase after the first week.


Mad Max Winston said...

nice stuff, this is p - r - o, yo

Mike Owens said...

Mike has read the words of Yezi and declares them to be hilarious