Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sit/Stand Character

WOOOO! A week and a half left to go!
I can't wait for winter break! There are many things I'm excited for such as my dad's delicious Chinese food, going out with friends, sleep, improve my drawing/painting skills, my dad's delicious Chinese food, sleep, etc. The thing I'm not looking forward to though, is the Minnesotan winter. I've gotten so used to Florida that 75 degrees seem a little chilly (honestly! It doesn't feel 75!) so I can imagine how painful 30 degrees will be. And lets not mention wind chills, arrgggh!

Meanwhile there's plenty of project to be done. Here's some pre-pro stuff for my next semester's sit/stand project. We basically have to animate a character sitting down with one emotion and getting up with another emotion. My story is about a guy expecting a baby. He sits down exhausted from the anxiety then storms off excitedly when he hears his baby's first cry.

Finalized Design:

Previous Design:

Exploration Sketches:

Woo delicious homemade Chinese food!

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Wayne Parker said...

You know I saw you working on this in CA class ha, ha. AWESOME designs - you make me want to draw all the time, you work is inspirational.