Friday, April 18, 2008

2008 Portfolio

I thought I'd post my current portfolio so here it is!

First year at Ringling! It all went by so fast! I can't believe there is only a week and half left of school. It's hard to keep focused with summer vacation coming up. In the next week we still have to finish our lip syncs for traditional animation, second lighting project for ca, and another animatic for concept. But ouuu am I looking forward to a summer of traveling, drawing, and maybe working! Oh and don't forget the food!

I'll post some more stuff once school is over.


CrimBot said...

wow!! Great portfolio!! It looks like you did lots of fun stuff at Ringling!! I'm eager to try my hand at that too aswell. lol! Keep at it! Don't get lazy on the last week! :D

I look forward to bumping into ya at Ringling! If you didn't mind and aren't busy at that moment! Your journal has been a really inspiring one to watch. Please keep up the great job, and have a great summer vacation! I'm sure you totally deserved it. ; )

Janine Chang said...

Wow your portfolio looks great@!!!

Mike Owens said...

Hey Yezi!

Your portfolio is looking good. Your design sense is really standing out. So much more life than those static gameshow layouts I did for RW.