Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The World Out There

It's easy to forget that there's a whole world out there when we are so wrapped up in school work. I was reminiscing about my summer in China and now I can't sleep. I laugh to myself when I think about all the awkward, surprising, unpleasant, and amazing situations I was in. Traveling is such an eye-opener; it would be great to be able to backpack around after graduation....or someday.

Mainwhile, thought I'd post this picture I took on the bus one night. It was not an easy picture to take as there was no elbow room and the bus was shaking so badly I had to dig the camera out of my purse with one hand while holding on with the other hand. It's always packed like this before the bus lines stop for the night. Sweaty times!


Dongjin Seo said...

This pic reminds me of my middle school years.. I had to ride a bus like that every morning..crazy days;;;;

Betsy Bauer said...

Update your blog with some prepro stuff, woman!

Hammy said...

I just wanted to comment and say I really love your blog, thank you for sharing all the fun photos, arts, links, clips and all! :)