Monday, May 18, 2009

Thesis Time!

I can't believe I'm a senior already! Time flies! I made a production schedule for thesis and all the other stuff I want to accomplish over the summer and it sure seems like busy times ahead!

It's so nice to be back at home visiting old friends and chilling with the parents though. I'll have to make sure to balance out my time so that I'm productive and also having tons of fun. After all, it's this is the last summer!

Soooo! I figure it's time for a thesis dump. These here are initial designs for my story. I'm in the process of exploring with new designs this week. I want my thesis to be a bit more stylized and unique looking. We'll see where I end up. I'd love to hear feedback or any opinions!


The Machine said...

this looks great so far! i really like the whimsical look you've got right now. and the greenish/yellowy/pink color scheme you're going with is really nice.


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