Friday, June 05, 2009

More Character Explorations


Anonymous said...

I relate to the top three the best. Again, think about the world they live in. Where does the job of cloud making come from? Do they have a certain uniform they have to wear or is this some old tradition passed on down through the family? A lot of things that the viewer will never think of, but as the creator, you should prob. explore these facets. Thinking about the type of environment they live in can help determine how they should look and act.

This is Lorna, by the way!

Kali said...

I'm torn. I really like #4 but #'s 1-3 look so much more relaxed. I am not fond of the beard on #4 either. When I first glanced at it I was thinking "What the hell is on his face?" Not exactly what you want your audience to be thinking about while watching your short.

I kinda agree with Lorna- Where do they come from? How do they eat? If they have limited access to food supply he wont be rotund. How active is this cloud making? Does he have a mate? Where did this boy come from? Was he "chosen" or are they spirits of the dead who make clouds? (Can you tell I just watched a lot of horror movies by that last statement)

Then again, your average watcher probably wont even think twice about those things and as your friends knowing the process we waaaaay over analyze things. Great art as always!

Brendan Milos said...

5 is interesting. It is visually unique compared to the others. 16 is pretty good though, he looks like a pacific islander.

16 is probably the best

Mike Owens said...

I like #5.

I feel like I've seen the other designs before.

I am not a fan of the floating beard thing. It's distracting. Over stylized in comparison to the rest of his design. If his beard is going to float, it could be little clouds instead of pegs.

yezix said...

Thanks for the crit everyone. It helps a lot!