Sunday, March 14, 2010

Render Woes!

So today ends the 2010 Ringling Render Week where each senior gets a 12 hour shift to render out their theses. Mine was last night from 9pm to 9 am this morning. It was filled with snack food and lots of hurrying. The 12 hours went by so fast and what do I have to show for it? Noooooot muuuuuch! I got six out of 52 jobs back from the farm and I'm not the only one. This is the first year Ringling is rendering at HD 1920x1080. Most of us didn't get our frames back and batch rendering also takes forever :(

Now the labs are open overnight for more batch rendering. Our final critique with ReelFX is the end of this week but we don't really have much to'll be an interesting week.

It was fun though! Rendering with a few others over night and fighting off sleep!

Oh I want to go to bed.


Michael Yates said...

cant wait to see

Cliffy said...

Character looks great, Yezi! Its exciting that we are going HD now, but yeah - the farm is already a very rocky road from what I understand. I hope you guys and IT can get it all figured out.

Good luck and hang in there!

Jess Pomerleau said...

i love him :) but i just told you that. But im tired. So i will tell you again...a few more times :)
okay. Thats him! :)

yezix said...

LOL thanks Michael, Cliff, and Jess, I'm sleepy and hungry, and it's hard to keep track of stuff, haha. It's like a senior sleep over in the labs--without the sleep.

With that case he looks like he's going traveling somewhere. What a nice thought...out of the labs!

Betsy Bauer said...

This is such a nerdy comment, but I love your bump maps! It really reminds me of the short "Lost and Found." WOO HOO! THESIS DUE IN 2 WEEKS! (Then off to India? :) )

Wayne Parker said...

Looks great Yez. Can't wait to see your Muhwa,ha,ha haster piece ;)

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