Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow Day and Art's Day

Student life at Ringling ordered 12 tons of ice to host a "Snow Day" for the college. We arrived a hour late and this was all that's left of the 'snow'. It was fun playing with 'snow' in flipflops and shorts although getting hit by iceballs weren't exactly pleasant. I just had to post this for the people back home with the -20 windchill:P

Here's Donjin checking making iceballs:

Two weekends ago it was the annual Sarasota Arts Day where local artists, associations, and schools gathered in downtown Sarasota to promote the art community. I was there among a few other students to do figure drawing at the Ringling booths. We drew costumed models for three hours per shift. It was a lot of fun though I wish my life sketching skills were more robust. We drew quite a crowd.

There were many artists showing off their talents on locations. There was pottery making, painting on location, ice sculpturing, and weaving! Not to mention all the live music too. The atmosphere was amazing. I wish I could have stuck around more to do some sketches--there were definitely lots of interesting looking people there.


Anonymous said...

Those weavers were really amazing to watch. :D

dawn said...

You misspelled my name(; o ;)