Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Girl and the Mouse

Here's some more stuff for concept class.
For this assignment I'm using a childhood memory as my story. When I lived in China my cousin and I were playing outside our grandparents' when the story took place.

Seven Sentence Story:
1. A little girl leaves her apartment home to play outside.
2. As she is playing outside, a tiny mouse comes along.
3. The little girl starts taunting and chasing the mouse.
4. The mouse falls through a sewer grill and hangs on by its tail
5. The girl wants to help the mouse but doesn't want to touch it.
6. The mouse falls to its death.
7. The little girl feels guilty that death resulted from innocent play.

1 comment:

Nilah said...

Awwww so sad.

We should have a contest to see whose story evokes the most tears.