Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sit & Stand Walk Cycle

Hiya all! Here's the walk cycle I did with my sit & stand character. We are doing a series of exercises before launching into Sit & Stand which will take up March and beyond. If you think of it that way, the semester doesn't seem long at all. One more month then this final project and POOF! I'll be somewhere else.

It's all going so fast. I should also mention how impressed I am with my fellow sophomores. It's amazing to see how much people have improved since the first semester. Last semester we were all new to animation and maya. That combined with the workload was quite stressful and a lot of the projects left much to be desired. The quality and content of work this semester, however, show tremendous progress. It seems that we are getting comfortable and are slowly starting to explore personal visions instead of still trying to grasp the basic principles. It's just pretty exciting to watch people around me and myself growing everyday.

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