Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a Beautiful Saturday!

We had our first full faculty crit yesterday and it went pretty well. The faculty sat in a long roll at the front of the classroom. It was like the American Idol panel of judges: you give a run through of your boards then they pick it apart. I brought Robert's recorder to record my critique but being nervous I couldn't get it to work before I went up. I noticed the timer wasn't changing so I thought it wasn't recording but in actuality I was just too nervous to wait for even a second. It was working fine the whole time. I'm just dumb. I used it to record Don, Nilah, and Jess's pitches instead.... yay me.

But anyway, lots of work to do but nothing unexpected. Here are some rough designs. The monster is still under construction. Also, here's a great song with a great music video. It makes me think about what a beautiful day today is! Enjoy everyone!

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