Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's 'bout time!

It's been a while! For better or worse I will update my blog more often from now on. It's the 2nd semester of my Jr. year now and you know what that means---PREPRO!

We pitched our ideas for thesis on Tuesday. Two of my ideas were chosen and now I have to develop them further for a 2nd crit. Our first full faculty crit is in two weeks!

Well winter break went pretty well....I forgot how much I love to draw. It's so exciting to constantly look at other people's work and also see yourself improve. Although I have to say I don't miss the frozen tundra at all, it's lovely to be back in sunny Florida. Oh did I mention lots of sleeping and eating? Oh yeah....

(sketches coming up)


Ryan Green said...

You've got a great blog here. I love the sketches. Keep posting more in '09!

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