Saturday, September 12, 2009

Senior Year

Well Senior has entered full swing. This week we just had our first full faculty crit with Steve Hickner, director from Dreamworks. We talked about our animatics and models. The next crit is in five weeks on layout and rig.

It's exciting and also intimidating to be working on thesis but I think it'll be a fun and memorable year.

Nilah is the first transfer student I contacted before coming to Ringling and we've pretty much had all of our classes together until now. This year we are roommates instead. Well Nilah's mom took a photo of us when we first met and it's become a tradition ever since. This year we just hit the ground running so we haven't had time to go out for a meal together until today. We are already three weeks into the semester, this year is going to go by so fast!

Sophomore Year,

Junior Yr,

and finally Senior Yr!


Stevie Ray said...

This is the perfect sequence of pictures! :) You both are great people and I hope you'll see eachother and hang out once you are working industry-style :)

<3 good luck yezi

Edith said...

Hi there. Thanks for the memory. I didn't remember that. Have a great year!

Elove said...

awwwwww!! :') Thats so cool. It's awesome that you guys stayed that close the whole time. I hope the both of you continue to have an awesome year here at Ringling!

Wayne Parker said...

(A baby tear rolls down the eye as he types), I miss you two! :D

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