Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Concept Designs for Reelworks

Here are some concept designs for an upcoming job at Reelworks. None of the design was chosen except for the phone :(. Soyeon the Great worked on this job too. She kicked my butt big time. I would show some of her stuff here but I'm not quite sure if that's legal haha, so just go to http://www.yellowshed.com to check out her work yourselves. Every time I work on a design assignment I realize how much I still need to learn. There's a lot more to do before I enter school.

It's been going really well at Reelworks. Lately it's been so busy I haven't had any time posting. I've moved on from practicing with old Keys to actually tweening for a current job--a sequence that's about the controversy around Fois Gras in California. So my first paid tween is actually drawing Arnold Schwarzenegger. I've also been doing pre-production designs and color models. Overall Reelworks is giving me a lot of opportunities to hone my skills.

Two interns are coming from Canada and France this summer. The Canadian girl is from Sheridan (Ouuu) and the French guy has really great stuff on his site (www.fbussiere.com). I'm pretty excited to meet and work with them.

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