Friday, April 13, 2007

Ringling's Curriculum

Computer Animation Curriculum--

Seems like a good balance of 2D & 3D. If I can't get out of the Lib Art and Art His classes. I should be at least able to change some of them to other electives--except for art his of animation, want to keep that.

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Edward Juan said...

Hey! Calarts is definitely not a place for you to learn writing and spelling. But the student body is very strong and we are like a big family. even though the character animation program is a 2d-traditional animation cirriculum, generally, we focus on film-making as a whole. The faculty doesn't care if you do it in 2d or 3d. They just want you to finish a film every year. Entertainment is definitly the focus! It is all about idea and story development. That's why most Calarts students graduates don't end up just doing 2d animation, they end up being the leading players of the animation industry. They tell good stories and that's what makes a good film. The program just started a CG cirriculum few years ago. But most people come to calarts to make memorable animated films. the medium doesn't matter. I hope this helps!