Friday, April 20, 2007

Main While, in the Land of Animated Advertisements...

I will be assisting Mike Owens on the series of spots for a bank starting next week! I stumbled upon Mike's blog through Illustration Friday before I started at Reelworks and now I'm working with him! What a small world!

I met Mike earlier this week. He seemed pretty laid back and easy going. He said to me, "I will either be your best friend or worst nightmare." Uh, hm....I guess I'll find out.

Anyway, go to to check out Mike's stuff. His characters are so funny! The clients loved his storyboards for the spot.


jeff said...

Heeyyy this is Jeff I've gotta blog thing too.


Karyn said...

HOOT! Congratulations on the job! Be sure and let me know when you decide on a school!