Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bye Bye Reelworks (Complete with a Visual Tour!):

From the outside:

The guy that greets everyone at the door:

The ancient-looking paper puncher:

Stairs that leads up to Reelworks (downstairs is rented to a live action studio):

Displayed cells from past jobs:

The lobby/dinning area:

The kitchen:


A full studio upstairs:

A workstation:

An animation station (with Bret tweening):

Action figures on monitors:

The crew including producers, animators, assistants, and interns (with me in black):

When you work at Reelworks, superheroes deliver your pizzas.
This guy came for my going away, I look way too happy and the delivery man looks so into it!

It's been an amazing half a year at Reelworks. I learned a lot and had tons of fun. I'm so lucky to have had the chance to get hands-on experience and work with so many different amazing and inspiring animators. I'll never forget how exciting it was to know that the studio saw potential in me and how the staff took the time to guide and teach me. What I miss most about the studio will definitely be its people :'(

But cheers to the future!

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