Monday, August 20, 2007


I'm finally on campus and how busy the last few days have been!

Here at Ringling the new student orientation lasts almost a week long. The days are almost always packed from 8am to 10pm with social activities and information sessions. I am very impressed with how organized the school is. The orientation is very effective and it seems like all the new students have integrated themselves comfortably. Everyone on campus, be it new students or staff, seems very passionate about what they do and are generally excited to be at Ringling. The campus is very cozy and it's filled with a vitality that is very motivating.

I added a fifth class to my class schedule. The good thing about being a transfer student is that I have more freedom to take electives that interest me. There's no pressure tofulfill extra requirements while maintaining the computer animation curriculum. From what I have heard, the CA department will work their students very hard. The sophomore year is a shock to some students because of the work overload. We'll see how that works out. I added intermediate figure drawing for CA majors to my schedule. I was worried about not having a drawing/painting course, but now my semester is complete.

Traditional Animation
Computer Animation
Concept Design
Development of Western Art
Intermediate Figure

I still haven't gotten my mac book pro yet. The sophomore transfer students are having issues with IT so I wouldn't get mine until later this week. Once I do I'll make sure to post pictures!

It's been great so far. I don't know what CalArts would have been like but from what I've seen so far I am very happy with my choice of school.

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