Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Animators are the bottom feeders, so the inbetweener is the lowest of the low."

Ek training at Reelworks while keeping up with my regular work and figure drawing schedule is not simple. I'm at Reelworks from 9ish-4ish and then go straight to work or figure drawing until 9ish pm. It's not leaving much room for other things like scanning drawings for this blog. I suppose I should just make random words bold to keep some aesthetic interest in this blog...

I'm learning so much from Reelworks. I finished my tween sequence today and tested it with AfterEffects. Bruce the director thought it looked pretty good and asked me to move on to clean up. I thought I've been drawing for ever but it turned out only to be 16 frames (including the keys) which is less than a second and a half (on twos). At any rate I did good work and it was cool to see the drawings in much better than that Dig animation I made with tracing paper and a camera (I'll put it online someday).

Todd, my unofficial teacher, gave me a crash course in AfterEffects today and now I feel like an AfterEffects guru (just don't ask me to demonstrate anything yet). But seriously, Todd was great at teaching me; he gave me a thorough introduction and now I feel pretty comfortable getting into it. I just need to practice and play around until I realize how sophisticated AE really is and become intimidated by it again.

Reelworks is a great environment to work in. It's a small company so everyone is pretty casual and familiar with each other. Though I'm not being paid for training, I still can't believe I can just spend the whole day drawing and doodling's been great.

Aght, dat b et fo now. I'll post some drawings this weekend.
(The bold looks terrible, what a bad idea...)

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