Monday, February 26, 2007

Hawaii Here We Are!

Here's a sketch from Hawaii. This is the Kona airport (Jan 7th). It's the first open air airport I'd ever been to. I couldn't believe the weather when I first got out of the plane; it was the perfect mixture of humidity, wind, and sun--quite different from the dry freezing Minnesotan air.

I drew this while waiting for our flight to Oahu; we flew to the Big Island then had a connection flight to Honolulu. Marivic is a Philipina girl whom I sat next to on our flight to Oahu. In the half hour flight she told me everything about her marriage and social life. Please don't stalk her--or rather, just don't let her know you got her info from me :P. Seriously though, leave the sweet girl alone or I'll kung fu chop you into pieces>:)

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