Monday, February 19, 2007

Some Tweens

Here's a frame from my first tweening experience. This is a character from a previous project at Reelworks. The blue pencil is a rough tween. You can see the searching lines I've made. Here's the cleaned-up final:Doing clean-ups is so hard on my eyes. At the end of the day my eyes feel like they are focused in opposite directions and I probably walk around like I'm drunk.

I tested the roughs using a regular flatbed scanner and AfterEffects. The finals were ran through the animation scanner (?) then cleaned and colored (like a cell) in US Animations. USA is so much faster but it's great learning different ways of testing. People at the studio are teaching me so much!

Pretty cool seeing my drawings colored and animated!

Here's the next tween; a sequence from 28 years ago. The keys are so old the paper has turned yellow. Bruce says it was his first tweening assignment. Anyway, here's one of my roughs:
Baseball seems to be a theme for my training :P

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